Frozen Toes Brewing Company

In 2014, Pizza by Elizabeth’s executive chef and avid homebrewer Paul Egnor encouraged owners Betsy LeRoy and Betty Snyder to open a small brewery at the restaurant. The Greenville restaurant at 3801 Kennett Pike had previously been the location of one of Delaware’s earliest brewpubs, Brandywine Brewing Company.

In April 2014, Egnor and sous chef Rob Traynor began brewing 15-gallon batches in the restaurant kitchen. Later, Egnor’s brother-in-law Steven Lewis joined the team as an assistant brewer.

Frozen Toes turned out unique and sometimes experimental ales (e.g., a basil and tomato beer). But after four years in operation, pulling double-duty got to be too much of a burden for Egnor. While Pizza by Elizabeth’s brewing operations ceased in July 2018, the popular restaurant is still going strong.