Brandywine Brewing Company

BBC logo_editedOn August 15, 1995, David Dietz unveiled his new brewpub in Greenville Center, called the Brandywine Brewing Company. The brewery employed an 8½-barrel Newlands brewing system and produced about 1,000 barrels a year.

The initial popularity of Dietz’s Greenville brewpub inspired him to open a second location on the northeast corner of Ninth and Orange streets in Wilmington in September 2000. The restaurant, which had its beer delivered from the Greenville location, was suffered from poor timing, was not well received, and went out of business within six months of opening.

Though Dietz’s Greenville brewpub remained popular, he eventually closed the Brandywine Brewing Company in December 2004 after his lease expired. He currently operates the similarly named BBC Tavern and Grill restaurant just up the Kennett Pike from where the original brewpub once stood.