Planned Companies

Below is a list of new Delaware breweries, meaderies, cideries, wineries, and distilleries in planning or under construction. Check out the links provided for updates on these emerging businesses.

B = production brewery / P = brewpub / C = cidery

D = production distillery / U = distillery pub / M = meadery / W = winery

Lewes Brewing Company (Lewes) B  Under construction; opening 2024

High Times Brewing Company (Camden) Under construction

Macklin Brewing Company (Seaford) Under construction, opening 2024

Bear Cult Brewing Company (Seaford) Planned

Brewery at Feebs Distilling (Milford)  Planned

Wooden Wheels Brewery (Newark) Planned

Fenwick Island Brewing Company (Fenwick Island) P  Planned

Big Oyster Brewery at the Rookery (Milford) P  Planned

Brewery incubator at The Granery (Milton) Conceptual

Fort DuPont Post Exchange brewpub (Delaware City) Conceptual